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A chain smoking whore, that's me. While your cock is inside my I am smoking. Blowing the smoke at your face, making you inhale the contents of my lungs. The smell of second hand smoke drives you crazy, and I have plenty of it for you. Where did you fetish begin? Was it watching me at break times at work, outside the back of the office. Lent against the wall with my head slightly back. Lifting my cigarette to my lips and watching my plump lips engulf the filter. Then seeing my cheeks suck in as I drew in the goodness of my cigarette? The real magic watching my chest rise and hold, and then my lips parting as I let out the used smoky seductive position, over and over again. I bet you were imagining me riding you, with a cig in my mouth weren't you? Watching the beautiful repetitive action of me smoking while you pumped your cock inside me.

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