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You've seen me stalk into the bar with a pair of shocking red stilettos on. Your heart is in your mouth and you feel the saliva build up. You also feel a certain area of your trousers starting to bulge. You notice the perfectly manicured toe nails peeking out of the small gap at the front of the shoes, and you quiver. Everything is right about this, the girl is hot and her feet are divine! You walk over to me and offer me a drink. You spend time getting to know me, talking up a storm, whilst trying hard not to stare at my feet and wonder what it would feel like. Flashes in your mind of me laid out on a bed in a hotel down the road. Wearing only red underwear to match those shoes… the same shoes that are now lying on the floor by the bed. Now you're seeing me watch you crawl up between my legs and sit back on your heals. Naked and very hard. My feet begin to wonder, and as I lift my foot to the tip of your cock you gasp, this is it, finally! … What happens next? Only one way to find out!

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