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Go and play with your toys little boy. It will soon be time for your nappy change and I want you all tired out so that you don't be naughty and squirt me with your pee pee. I'll have to spank your bottom if you do that you know. Remember last time you peed all over me? I gave you a very red bottom, now you don't want that again to you baby? Oh sweet baby, don't cry, I won't hurt you unless you're bad. Come here my darling let me comfort you. Nuzzle up to my breasts and let me cuddle you until you feel good again. What's that baby? You want some milk? Oh, I don't know about that. Lets see if I have any in me to give to you baby. So I unbutton the front of my blouse and peal down the nursing cup of my bra. I hold out my breast and you begin to nuzzle. Looks like I have plenty of milk for you after all baby. Don't get carried away darling, you don't want to all come back up when I wind you do you? Oh and don't forget! Later we are going out for a stroll around the park. You'll be in your pram and once we get there, I'll push you on the baby swings.

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